Green house, Poly House, Mushroom shed, Mist chamber, training hall, Sprayers, inoculation hood, Gas connection & Stove, LCD projector, Generator & Accessories, Copra Drier, Autoclave, refrigerators, sewing machines, Digital camera, Mixer cum juicer, Microwave oven, shade house, Soil, Water, and Plant Testing Laboratory, and agricultural library with more than 225 books and 16 periodicals/journals are some of the facilities available in the KVK.

Demonstration units established

Indian bee hive, Vermicomposting and Earth Worm multiplication units, Medicinal Plants, Kitchen gardening, Azolla, Low Cost Mushroom shed, Sting less bee hive, Rapid multiplication unit of pepper, Low cost spawn production unit, Snow ball tender nut machine, Small holders’ copra drier, Ginger & Turmeric seed multiplication unit, High density planting of banana, Fodder grass unit, Ornamental plant multiplication unit, Fish pond, insecticidal plant unit, Poultry unit, ornamental fish unit, duck and turkey units have been established in the KVK.