Success story of a young woman farmer through adoption of coconut based Integrated farming system


       Mrs. Sheeba Sadik, Chempagappallil, Eruva, Kayamkulam is a young enthusiastic woman farmer ownig a plot of 2 acres in which she was having many enterprises, but not integrated/maintained scientifically. Her plot had a pond in 4 cents area in which Tilapia fishes were reared without any scientific management. Five goats and 50 desi birds were there with less return from poultry and goatary units. The goats were with poor growth and returns from the goat farm was very less mainly due to poor feed management. Only concentrate feed was given due to non availability of fodder. Overall, the land was not properly utilized and the existing farming system was unscientific and the major component of dairy unit was missing.

    During the year 2018-19 an OFT was conducted on “Management of Urolithiosis in goat”in which Mrs. Sheeba Sadik was one of the partners. As a part of this programme Scientist from ICAR-KVK Alappuzha visited her goatary unit to treat the goat affected with Urolithiasis. On visit to her farm, it was realised that the plot was suitable for integrated farming system with compatible and economic components. She was advised to add a dairy unit in this farm since there was enough scope and resource for the same.
       Now a days desi birds of poultry fetch better price and more demand among public. So she was advised to keep few good layers and broody hens of desi breeds. Also to ensure daily income advised to rear BV 380 breeds of poultry. As per our advise an old store room was converted in to poultry shed and she started rearing BV 380 and Gramasree layer breeds of poultry. Gramasree layer chicks were made available from the KVK. Also a duck shelter was erected near the fish pond in 300 sq.m. area to accommodate 200 nos of Chara and Chempally ducks. Tilapia and Varal fishes were introduced in a fish the pond in 4 cents as it fetch better price from the customer.

       She started a dairy unit with 5 lactating cows in the year 2018 Now they have 17 lactating cow and 12 calves. The daily milk production recorded is 220 litre/day and the milk sold for Rs.50/litre. Milk is sold locally and in Cheravally Primary Cooperative milk society. From dairy farming itself she earns Rs.33.27 lakhs per year with an expenditure of Rs.22.88 lakhs and the BC Ratio is 1.5. Non availability of good quality green fodder especially during summer is the major problem faced by her. Now she plans to cultivate fodder in 3 acres of leased land.
         From the poultry units she is getting 350 eggs per day and sell the eggs @ Rs.7/-per egg. Marketing of egg is not difficult for her as the customers come to her farm for purchase. From the duckery unit she gets 60 eggs per day which are sold @ Rs.10/- per egg. Twenty four kgs of varal fishes were harvested during the last 6 months period and earned Rs.10800/- @ Rs.450/kg. Inputs for rearing fish is negligible as the varal fishes feed on small fishes of Tilapia, extra feed is not needed.
   In coconut farming, before the intervention 400 nuts/harvest was recorded. After intervention 700 nuts/harvest recorded. The increase in yield could be mainly attribute3d to the manure and ruing from the animal husbandry enterprises. She plans to take up vegetable cultivation in rainshelter in 4 cents area and banana, vegetable and tuber crops cultivation in the available spaces.

S.No    Component                    Annual Net income (Rs.)
                                                            Before 2017              2019
  1            Coconut                             29310                      68,810
  2           Dairy                                        –                        14,39,700
  3           Poultry                               10,500                     91,250
  4           Duck                                         –                          21,900
  5           Goatary                               1000                         6250
  6           Fisheries                             2000                      10,800
               Total                               79400                 16,38,710

       Her whole family is involved in the farming operation and she engage 3 labours for the farming operations. Students and farmer groups from the different part of district visit the farm. This encourages her to involve more in this farming operation also getting wider publicity. The social acceptance and recognition she and her family receive give them more satisfaction and joy in addition to the economic gains and higher living standards achieved.