Swachhta Pakhwada


              As part of Swachhta Pakhwada celebration during 16 to 31 October, 2016, Swachhta Shapath was carried out on 17.10.2016 along with ICAR CPCRI Regional Station. On 18.10.16, a cleaning programme was organized in KVK building and premises. All the staff members were actively participated in it. On 19.10.16, an awareness programme on ‘Waste management through organic recycling’ was conducted for students of VHSE (Agriculture) from Naduvattom HSS, Harippad. A lecture session followed by method demonstration of vermicomposting was carried out. A total of 26 students and 4 teaching staffs were attended the programme. On 24.10.16, an awareness programme on ‘Income generation through waste management’ was carried out for entrepreneurs in Mushroom Cultivation. A training programme on ‘Scientific Mushroom Cultivation’ and a method demonstration on composting of spent mushroom substrate were carried out at KVK. Including both farmers and rural youth, a total of 32 entrepreneurs were attended the programme. On 27.10.16, an awareness programme on ‘Organic manure production from the biowaste at homestead level’ was conducted at Aryad Panchayath in association with Aryad Farmers’ Club. Smt. C.P. Chandramathi, Dy. Director, SHM, Alappuzha and Smt. Eliamma V John, Dy. Project Director, ATMA-Alappuzha were present on the occasion. A total of 35 farmers and rural youth including members of farm club were attended the programme. On 28.10.16, an awareness programme on ‘Nutrition garden for a clean school campus’ was conducted at GHSS Kalavoor, in Mannanchery Panchayath. The cleaning was carried out in the school campus followed by the land preparation for nutrition garden. Along with 2 teaching staffs, 22 students were attended the programme. Also an awareness programme on ‘Recycling of residues for soil and crop health improvement’ was conducted in Mararikulam Panchayath. A total of 34 farmers were attended the programme.

Sl.No.01 Sw Pakhwada ShapathSl.No.07 Soil and crop management Sl.No.02 Cleaning KVK premises Sl.No.03 Vermicomposting Sl.No.04 composting of spent mushroom substrate Sl.No.04 scientific mushroom cultivation Sl.No.05 low cost techniques for org. manure prodn Sl.No.06 Cleaning of school campus Sl.No.06 Land preparation for veg prodn